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Paul Yandell Duo-Tron

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Paul Yandell Duo-Tron Summary

Over 57 years in the making, the Duo-Tron's origins hark directly back to the very first patented humbucking guitar pickup. The unique and proprietary design was developed with Chet Atkins in mind and by a master fingerpicker who was known as Atkins' "right-hand man," (and Chet's best friend,) Mr. Paul Yandell. Paul Yandells Duo-Tron is a simplified version of Ray Butts' stereo concept laid out in his original patent drawings, (No. 2,892,371, filed Jan. 22, 1957 and awarded June 30, 1959.) TV Jones world-class product line and stellar reputation in the industry were the driving force to bring the final version of the Duo-Tron to life. In addition, the Duo-Tron features our new proprietary finish, Industrial Velvet, which is currently exclusive to this pickup.

Bridge: 7.4K DCR

Neck: 4.0K DCR


The Duo-Tron features a proprietary design, and combines blades and special alloy pole screws that highlight the response of the magnet. The blades provide a bigger note and is well-suited for finger-picking styles. The player won't lose any sensitivity bending the treble strings and will notice a fuller, bolder response that affects both sound - and equally important – feel. The bass side dials in a tone directly reminiscent of Rays original FilterTron - but with a touch more dynamic attack that is a little more focused and rounded.

PLEASE NOTE: these pick-ups are sold WITHOUT mounting rings.  If you wish to use these pick-ups with EM-1 (Gibson syle), EM-2 (Gretsch style) or EM-3 (dogear style) mounting rings you will need to purchase these separately.
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